Hazlet Business Owners Association

Hazlet Business Owners Association

Hazlet Business Owners AssociationHazlet Business Owners Association

Welcome to the Hazlet Business Owners Association,

Originally organized over fifteen years ago, the primary objective of the Hazlet Business Owners Association (HBOA) was to encourage and promote growth among local business. Today, the HBOA also strives to promote economic and social prosperity, as well as, influence the growth and development in Hazlet. 

This is an exciting time for our Organization. A new Board has recently been elected and we are well on our way to being incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey as a Non-Profit Organization. Being a Non-Profit will allow the Organization to continue to raise funds, accept donations and other Financial assistance as we continue to fund scholarships for Hazlet students and support the local First Aid, Volunteer Fire Departments and Hazlet Police Department.  

Giving back to the community that supports Hazlet local businesses is our priority.

The HBOA is committed to be the voice for existing and new entrepreneurs; providing a great forum for all businesses to freely exchange ideas and leads within our group for the sole purpose of making Hazlet’s businesses stronger. The HBOA organizes networking events where you will have opportunities to meet potential customers and other local business people. At the HBOA’s monthly meetings, it is also usual to have one, if not two, of Hazlet’s elected officials in attendance. This presents a great opportunity for you, as a business owner, to speak directly with a Town Representative without having to attend a Town Council meeting.

Please join us and tap into all the resources surrounding you. Our “What’s Brewing” meetings are held the last Friday of each month at 7:45am at the Vibe Tap and Grill Restaurant on Route 35 in Hazlet.

I look forward to meeting and seeing all our members at our next meeting!

Best Regards,

John R. Dwyer

President - Hazlet Business Owners Association

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